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The Bois du Cazier offers tours and entertainment on 5 main themes : the universe of the mine, industry and forges, immigration and multiculturalism, glass, slagheaps and energies. Everything is done to turn your visit into a success.


Many advantages of a visit at the Bois du Cazier :


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Our tours are well adapted to the scholar curriculum.


Our tours are educational and offer original idea output.


Our team is at your disposal for customization and help your own projects realization.


We provide brochures and educational resources.

Picnic space

A "picnic" space is available by reservation.

Our school programms

In the footsteps of miners

Students travel the route daily minor: it passes the grid to the bottom (reconstruction of galleries) through the lodge, the hanging room, the lamp room and the recipe. Throughout the tour, visitors manipulate everyday objects of the minor.

The Industrial Revolution, his new techniques and machines have changed the working conditions and lives of men. Browsing the Museum of Industry, discover the factors, actors and consequences of this revolution. The handling of a steam machine can realize its operation.

Art, history and techniques of glass

Active visit the Glass Museum addresses the technical with the discovery of materials and tools, history with the social struggles of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and art with the exhibition of contemporary and archaeological pieces. Students then assiteront to a glass blowing demonstration torch.

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