The Bois du Cazier

The year 2012 and the recognition by UNESCO of the Bois du Cazier site  is a tremendous opportunity to launch a new dynamic around the preservation, cultural and touristic value of the coal. It is described in a joint management plan proposed taking 63 actions identified in seven areas of development, citizen participation in scientific research.

This recognition is the result of a constructive collaboration work conducted throughout the application by the actors working on the four mining sites in synergy with the Walloon Region and the Walloon Heritage Institute. However, it is only a stage in the form of challenge in the mission of conservation and development in which their managers are committed and all the operators concerned, in particular the General Commission for Tourism for the Bois du Cazier.

Not only the entry expands the reputation of the site internationally, but it shows the Walloons themselves, and the government, the importance of this heritage which must highlight and animate especially by giving means necessary. If this recognition is an end in itself, it is mainly a starting point for an investment of time and energy on behalf of our entire team.

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