Miner in the world today

BOIS DU CAZIER 1956-2016

Is the mine of the 21st century really any different from that of 60 years ago when, on 8 August 1956, it was both the scene and the leading character in the biggest disaster ever to hit the Belgian coalmining industry? The themes covered will be those brought to light in Marcinelle, issues that cling more closely to the skin of this industry than the coal dust to that of the miners.


from 18 June to 11 December

At an economic turning point, when the emerging countries are right in the midst of their first industrial revolution based mainly on coal, when the European nations are clinging desperately to their age-old mining operations as if they were rafts on the water, to stay afloat in the era of globalisation, the exhibition looks at the job of mining, as decried as it is revered in regions where it is part of history. Through photographs, films and other documentaries, as well as film debates, a range of topics will be discussed and examined in depth, including safety, the strategic issues, the environmental impact and mining operations that are ‘exotic’ because of both their location and the techniques deployed.

14 October

Experts, witnesses and trade union officials from all over the world (or almost) will attend this event to discuss the working conditions and lives of miners and their families as well as the environmental consequences of extracting and using mineral resources. Beyond the words, excerpts from reports will convey the situations experienced to participants. With the FGTB and CSC trade union organisations. Trilingual colloquium: FR, NL and EN.


  • April 18, 2024
  • 9:00 - 17:00